Friday, September 26, 2008

UH OH Joe! Governor Patterson is raising money for Rick Dollinger

This definitely won't make Joe happy.

Governor David Paterson is ratcheting up his support of the Senate Democrats, via the New York State Democratic Committee.

Paterson’s been raising money for the New York State Democratic Committee, funds which will be used in part to support Democrats’ efforts to take the Senate majority.

“The governor is committed to helping Sen. Obama, electing more Democratic House members, and retaining and increasing numbers in State Legislature,” said Democratic party spokesperson Carly Lindauer.

Since July, Paterson has been raising money strictly for the State Party for the purpose of funding State Senate campaigns, according to a party insider.

The first beneficiary is Democratic Senate challenger Rick Dollinger, who just received $84,000 today from the state party.

Dollinger, who is a former state senator, is running against Republican incumbent Sen. Joe Robach. In a Siena poll released yesterday, Robach is ahead of Dollinger by 11 points, with a margin of error of +/- 4.7 percent.

The new infusion of cash is a clear indication that Democrats are going to fight for Robach seat, despite the double-digit margin.

Democrats predict that Obama’s popularity among black voters in the Rochester area will help drive voter turnout in support of Dollinger.

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