Monday, November 17, 2008

Wide Right

The Browns? Really?

This one hurts.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

How did Joe get two black eyes?

It was turning out to be a fine day for Joe Robach, the Republican Senator from Rochester. One word: tail. In the middle of the afternoon, he was lying on a bed with a woman not his wife. That’s sometimes an uncomfortable situation if you’re with a stranger; but that wasn’t a problem in this case, because the woman in question, Janine S., works in his Rochester office. Familiar? You bet. Familiar like Monica.

The lazy, steamy afternoon was winding down. Senator Joe was happy and satisfied in that way that only enthusiastic sex with a subordinate can satisfy that type of guy. Senator Joe started to pick up his clothes and get ready to head back to do whatever it is that he does – suck up to mortgage interests, for example – when things suddenly went horribly wrong.
That’s because the door to the bedroom opened, and in walked a third party not privy to the cozy arrangement – Janine’s husband, Monroe County Deputy Sherriff Tom S.

So, take a guess what happened.

“Alright, Joe, you’ve got two options: Either I kick your ass so you can’t walk for a week, or, I keep you here and call the media. Your choice”.

“Go for it. Just please don’t call the press”.

Tom then did what every husband in that situation would do, which is beat the shit out of Joe Robach, a sitting state Senator. One black eye, oh, what the hell, let’s make it two.

But it gets better.

After the asskicking had been administered, and Robach lay whimpering on the couch, deputy Tom took his clothes and threw them in the trash. He then took a naked Senator Joe, opened the door, and threw him on the porch. Nice touch, but what would make it perfect? The phone call.
“Hey, Mrs. Robach. Can you please pick up your husband at this address? You see, I just caught him fucking my wife, and he’s now standing on my porch stark naked with two black eyes. Might want to get him out of that situation before I have to arrest him for indecency. Oh, you’re welcome. See you soon.”

Bet you’ve never heard this story, hmm?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

STOP THE PRESSES! Reporter submits FOIL request on Robach's "black eye" affair!

My very good friend from way back is a republican. We've been friends since 10th grade, so I have long since forgiven them. They are fairly tight in the Monroe county GOP. They'll vote for McCain I guess, but they've never liked Joe Robach. Well they just called and let me know that Robach and the local republican brain trust are freaking out because a "supermarket tabloid" (I guess that means a national one like the Enquirer) put in a FOIL request to learn more about the infamous "Black Eye" affair.

They say Robach is all pissed off and yelling at people. Sounds like Joe to me.

I wonder if a story will come out before the voting starts?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Dolphins?

Really? We lost to the Dolphins?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Joe Robach is a Wall Street stooge. Pass it on.

How much money has Joe Robach taken from the Wall Street lenders that you just bailed out with your tax dollars?

What, really, almost a million dollars?

So, take a wild guess why Uncle Joe derailed the one-year foreclosure moratorium passed by the Assembly.

Maybe, if you want Joe Robach to actually represent you, you should send him a million dollars. That seems to be the going price.

Friday, October 10, 2008

More on Joe Robach's Dirty Money

From Robert Harding at TAP.

The taxpayers of Greece know who Christa Construction is. Christa Construction profited from a botched renovation venture valued at $119.5 million. In all, Christa Construction made over $5.3 million from the deal.

So why does all this matter? Ask Sen. Joe Robach and the Senate Republicans. Today, Robach was called out by his Democratic opponent Rick Dollinger in a press conference where Dollinger called on Robach to return the contributions he has received from Christa Construction.

From the press release:

Democratic State Senate candidate Rick Dollinger today was joined by Greece taxpayers who slammed Robach and the Republicans, and demanded that these contributions be returned immediately.

Dollinger explained, “People can tell when someone is speaking out of both sides of their mouth, and that is exactly what Joe Robach and his Republican cronies are doing by taking this money and condoning this kind of unethical behavior. Robach and the Senate GOP must return this tainted money—particularly as our neighbors are working so hard to recoup these wasted funds.” Today’s event came days after citizens’ groups filed an audit request with Attorney General Andrew Cuomo’s office as part of their financial recuperation effort.

Christa was originally set to profit $3,999,400.00 for serving as contractor, but actually pocketed an additional $1,375,761.00.

So far, Christa Construction (through Christa Construction, LLC., Christa Development Corp. and David Christa) has donated more than $24,000 in recent years to the Senate Republican Campaign Committee (SRCC). An additional $50,300 was given to Senate Republicans, including $1,850 directly to Robach whose campaign coffers have been filled with $143,900 from the SRCC for this year’s election.

For the record, not a single contribution has been made by Christa Construction to Dollinger or the Senate Democrats.

So why is this important? Here is a company being accused of robbing taxpayers of their money and who are they giving to? The Senate Republicans. Other Republicans have been on the receiving end of contributions from Christa Construction as well, but obviously the impact on Greece makes for an interesting story in SD-56.

Joe Robach takes dirty money from crooks

He should give it back.

Dollinger demands Robach, GOP return contributions from Christa Construction

Democratic State Senate candidate Richard Dollinger demanded Thursday that his incumbent opponent Joseph Robach, R-Greece, and his Senate Republican colleagues return more than $74,000 in campaign contributions from Christa Construction, the construction manager of a botched $120 million capital renovations project at the Greece Central School District completed in 2005.

Dollinger's campaign said Robach received $1,850 in contributions from Christa over the past six years, while other GOP Senators received $48,450 and the Senate Republican Campaign Committee received $24,000.

"The message, it seems to me, is very clear," Dollinger said Thursday outside Longridge Elementary School in Greece. "Senate Republicans and Joe Robach need to give back this ill-gotten taxpayer money to the town of Greece and the taxpayers in this community."


According to auditors, the project was over budget and incomplete. Numerous aspects of the work were changed without proper Board of Education oversight.

Over the summer, the district was forced to temporarily close portions of 13 schools due to shoddy project-related work.

Christa was originally set to receive $4 million for the project but received an additional $1.4 million, Dollinger's campaign said. Christa officials could not be reached for comment.

Christa construction is a bunch of crooks who botched building where we send our kids everyday. They put our children at risk and then took even more of our money.

Why is Joe Robach taking this money?