Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dollinger campaign responds to poll

From Rochester Turning:

Rochester, NY – Chris Gorman, campaign manager for Rick Dollinger for State Senate, released the following statement in response to the Siena College poll issued today:

“We always knew that this was going to be a close race. And, after spending hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars trying to hide from his anti-choice, pro-gun record Republican incumbent Joe Robach, who won his 2006 re-election bid with 70% of the vote has plummeted 21% to a point where less than 50% of the public wants to see him back in Albany. Monroe County voters have demonstrated that they are fed up with failed Republican economic policies and are ready for a change. The numbers in Monroe County clearly show that voters overwhelmingly support a shift in the State Senate to Democratic control and are ready to send someone to Albany who shares their beliefs and values.”

The RT people then talk about Robach's 'blurring strategy' and how it looks like it has worked so far. I agree. Robach is wingnut republican who pretends to be more in line with our district than hew really is. (That same poll showed Obama beating McSame 2-1) It's time to rip that "moderate" mask off of Robach. It's bullshit and people deserve to know that.

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