Saturday, August 2, 2008

Three debates, Joe. Can you handle it?

Rick Dollinger is challenging Joe "two black eyes" Robach to not one, not two but three debates. Think Joe will agree? Me either. From the Rochester Turning blog.

Citing that Republican Joe Robach has routinely been missing in action when it comes to addressing the issues that are affecting the middle class and working families of Monroe County, and now again by failing to participate in a public discussion on those issues, Democrat Rick Dollinger followed up at a press conference today on his invitation, sent two weeks ago, that invited Republican Joe Robach to participate in a series of debates. Joining Dollinger was Assemblyman David Gantt and supporters of these debates at Baden Park in downtown Rochester. Robach has yet to reply.

Here’s Dollinger’s proposal for the first three debates:

1. August 14th - Guns & Crime

2. August 28th – Reforming Albany

3. September 2nd – School Funding

Let’s hope that Robach takes Dollinger up on these debates. One of the biggest problems with Albany is lack of debate on the floor. The least our representatives can do is give us some campaign debates.

I really hope these debates happen. No way Robach can hold his own.

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