Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dollinger SLAMS Skelos and his do nothing senate


"Today, we were joined by Nassau County Executive Tom Suozzi, who also chairs the New York State Property Tax Relief Commission, at a rally in downtown Rochester, calling for drastic property tax reforms and real solutions to upstate New York's fiscal crisis. In the wake of Democratic urgings, Albany Senate Republicans, led by Majority leader Dean Skelos, have called for a special session to address a tax cap, in a transparent political maneuver that is too little, too late. If Senate Republicans were truly committed to solving our states problems they would begin by committing to a relief package that includes a tax cap, a circuit breaker, and a halt to unfunded mandates.

"After ten years of being asleep at the wheel, Republicans have finally agreed to talk about a tax cap. While a tax cap is the least Republicans can do, and a first step to solving a much larger statewide problem, we find it inexcusable that Republicans Joe Robach and Jim Alesi have failed to take action year after year. Unfortunately, the Senate Republican proposal to pass a property tax cap bill will fail to meet the needs of the working families in New York, and can simply be summed up as too little, too late."

"Today, we are calling on Senate Republicans to wake up to the real issues of a crumbling upstate economy that has been accompanied by an even more dire outlook for middle class families in New York State. And, asking when they return to Albany to commit to the development of a true relief package that includes the tax cap, a circuit breaker, and a halt to unfunded mandates. The time for partisan agendas and excuse making is over; we need real change, and real results in Albany."

Can you hear him now, Joe Robach?

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