Saturday, August 9, 2008

Dollinger blasts Robach on special session

From tap

"As the working and middle class families of upstate New York continue to be devastated by skyrocketing property taxes, the increasingly burdensome cost of day-to-day living, and a lack of sustainable good paying jobs, Republicans Joe Robach and Jim Alesi are participating, while on the public dime, in a special session of the state Senate that has served as nothing more than a political public relations gimmick meant to bolster a fading Republican Senate Majority.

"Republicans Robach and Alesi have flip-flopped on putting a stop to unfunded mandates, have sidestepped a real solution to the property tax crisis facing New Yorkers, and have cut-and-run without addressing the need for a circuit breaker. The time for excuses is over - we need real leadership in Albany that will get the job done."

Dollinger is right.

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