Tuesday, October 28, 2008

STOP THE PRESSES! Reporter submits FOIL request on Robach's "black eye" affair!

My very good friend from way back is a republican. We've been friends since 10th grade, so I have long since forgiven them. They are fairly tight in the Monroe county GOP. They'll vote for McCain I guess, but they've never liked Joe Robach. Well they just called and let me know that Robach and the local republican brain trust are freaking out because a "supermarket tabloid" (I guess that means a national one like the Enquirer) put in a FOIL request to learn more about the infamous "Black Eye" affair.

They say Robach is all pissed off and yelling at people. Sounds like Joe to me.

I wonder if a story will come out before the voting starts?


Go Bills! said...

omfg. that would be too sweet.

Anonymous said...

a FOIL request takes too long to come out before the election.. shit. This would be perfeeecctttt to crush Mr I'm-for-your-family

Upstate Dem said...

I bet she's already talking. Usually these FOILS are a formality to cover the tracks of someone leaking info (remember spitzer?)

dollinger should get all over this.

Anonymous said...

HEHEHEHEHE! LMAO! He definitely got what he deserved!!! Never liked him in the first place!!!

Anonymous said...

Can you blame the guy? Have you ever seen Ann Robach ?? She was odd and rude. And I find it hard to believe that Reilich would want anyone with such poor visible oral health, brown picket fence, so visible to constituents. And when I left she was outside the door smoking. Nice Bill. A neighbor told me the house is trashed inside and she screams at the kids on a regular basis