Friday, October 10, 2008

Joe Robach takes dirty money from crooks

He should give it back.

Dollinger demands Robach, GOP return contributions from Christa Construction

Democratic State Senate candidate Richard Dollinger demanded Thursday that his incumbent opponent Joseph Robach, R-Greece, and his Senate Republican colleagues return more than $74,000 in campaign contributions from Christa Construction, the construction manager of a botched $120 million capital renovations project at the Greece Central School District completed in 2005.

Dollinger's campaign said Robach received $1,850 in contributions from Christa over the past six years, while other GOP Senators received $48,450 and the Senate Republican Campaign Committee received $24,000.

"The message, it seems to me, is very clear," Dollinger said Thursday outside Longridge Elementary School in Greece. "Senate Republicans and Joe Robach need to give back this ill-gotten taxpayer money to the town of Greece and the taxpayers in this community."


According to auditors, the project was over budget and incomplete. Numerous aspects of the work were changed without proper Board of Education oversight.

Over the summer, the district was forced to temporarily close portions of 13 schools due to shoddy project-related work.

Christa was originally set to receive $4 million for the project but received an additional $1.4 million, Dollinger's campaign said. Christa officials could not be reached for comment.

Christa construction is a bunch of crooks who botched building where we send our kids everyday. They put our children at risk and then took even more of our money.

Why is Joe Robach taking this money?


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I wish I had found this blog before the Greece school district just voted unanimously (9-0) for a consolidation project that doesn't help the district, town, neighbors one bit. There must be some $$$ in it for Christa, Robach, or somebody. I bet one of Robach's 'buddies' are hiding in the shadows just out of site....stayed tuned, right?