Thursday, October 30, 2008

How did Joe get two black eyes?

It was turning out to be a fine day for Joe Robach, the Republican Senator from Rochester. One word: tail. In the middle of the afternoon, he was lying on a bed with a woman not his wife. That’s sometimes an uncomfortable situation if you’re with a stranger; but that wasn’t a problem in this case, because the woman in question, Janine S., works in his Rochester office. Familiar? You bet. Familiar like Monica.

The lazy, steamy afternoon was winding down. Senator Joe was happy and satisfied in that way that only enthusiastic sex with a subordinate can satisfy that type of guy. Senator Joe started to pick up his clothes and get ready to head back to do whatever it is that he does – suck up to mortgage interests, for example – when things suddenly went horribly wrong.
That’s because the door to the bedroom opened, and in walked a third party not privy to the cozy arrangement – Janine’s husband, Monroe County Deputy Sherriff Tom S.

So, take a guess what happened.

“Alright, Joe, you’ve got two options: Either I kick your ass so you can’t walk for a week, or, I keep you here and call the media. Your choice”.

“Go for it. Just please don’t call the press”.

Tom then did what every husband in that situation would do, which is beat the shit out of Joe Robach, a sitting state Senator. One black eye, oh, what the hell, let’s make it two.

But it gets better.

After the asskicking had been administered, and Robach lay whimpering on the couch, deputy Tom took his clothes and threw them in the trash. He then took a naked Senator Joe, opened the door, and threw him on the porch. Nice touch, but what would make it perfect? The phone call.
“Hey, Mrs. Robach. Can you please pick up your husband at this address? You see, I just caught him fucking my wife, and he’s now standing on my porch stark naked with two black eyes. Might want to get him out of that situation before I have to arrest him for indecency. Oh, you’re welcome. See you soon.”

Bet you’ve never heard this story, hmm?


Anonymous said...

Is it truly necessary to use the first names and last name initial in this story? Whether or not it is true, what if their kids see this? Use some common sense people.

Reader in Hampton Roads said...

I'd probably take the ass-kicking as well. This is too funny! :)

Anonymous said...

Is this really true?

Opinionator said...

Can Stu share any information about how he knows the details of this story?

I don't doubt that it could be true.
I just wonder if it is true.

Momma don't let yer children grow up to be politicians.

been there said...

Glad he beat him. He should of said after the beating"I lied, I'm calling the press anyway". Serves the jerk right! Kick her ass too! Signed, been there with my EX!

Anonymous said...

I am a US Government Studies educator in the RCSD. Last year, to contact his district office, I conducted an online search for Senator Robach as part of our studies on American Government. What I found was this disgusting website. I happen to know one of these people that you speak of, and know them quite well. This story is not true. I was asked to ignore this mean spirited, uneducated and immature rantings of a surely fellow Democrat. I can not and at the first chance will change my party affiliation. I'm ashamed to be associated with whomever is driving this website. I may not agree with all of Senator Robach's beliefs, but now he surely has my vote, and hopefully the vote of others whom I tell how disgusting, Democratic Party members have become.

Anonymous said...

Sources, please? I need corroboration. Something. This is a wild story and certainly not impossible but it's way to easy for someone to make something up. I need more then just 1 person's say so.

Sinclair said...

Oh course this isn't true. Some leftist wrote down his fantasy.

Anonymous said...

If there is a way to check the story on video tape with the deputy, then I might believe this eye dropping story. Until I see more than one person's reporting from the third hand, I tend to not believe it at all. Not that it probably doesn't happen in the towers of gold that house our very own Politicans.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Joe the 'Jerk" does not care about the damage and hurt his actions caused others. All he wants to do is be re-elected for personal gain. Without the job his dad left him ... he would be nothing but a liar and a louse. Can he find anymore opportunist pictures to jump in? He did it.

Anonymous said...

I have heard this same story from another sheriff deputy who worked with the sheriff/husband. It's true. Family, marriage values my *ss. Joe's scum.

Anonymous said...

If he's that bad of a guy, why did this never go public? Why did Robach run unopposed in 2012? Surely this story would be enough to ruin a politicians career? But did it? Let the vote totals speak for themselves.

Anonymous said...

It is 100% true I personally know the family. Robach's a pig.

Anonymous said...

Yes. It's true I know them personally

Anonymous said...

None of this is true because I was the one who threw the basketball at his face when he was not looking. There was blood everywhere and black eyes for a week. What a bunch of Liars that will do anything to smear a decent government representative who will work with anyone when it come to whats best for his constituents

Anonymous said...

I am a democratic staffer in Albany in the senate. I saw Joeb robach in the morning and then again in the afternoon with the busted nose and soon to be black eyes. No doubt he was in Albany and not rochester the day the injury happened no doubt he was Gym and then his senate office. I am also sure his three elections since then one of his opponents would have found some way to bring this crap to the media.

Robach works with dems and reps and is someone that all people in government can work with even when you disagree with him.

The promoter of this trash blog should be ashamed of himself